Past Presentations


Building the Business Case to Invest in Safety Program: The Real Cost of Injuries  January 29 (Webinar)


    Water Treatment and Management: The UW Story  April 7

    • Presentations by Larry Lee and Rob Hinton

    Emergency Management  July 28

    Safety Speed Learning  September 29

    Safe Patient Handling and Ergonomics  October 31


    Safety Speed Learning Round Table Discussion  July 29

    Pre-Construction Risk Assessment  April 29

    Infection Control  Jan 29


    What's Wrong with these Pictures? Oct 30

    Elopement - Why should you care? What should you do? What codes do you follow  May 29

    Sharing Lessons Learned  Jan30


    Tackling the Issues of Workplace Violence and Bullying in Health Care  Oct 31

    Tackling the Latest in Technology and Chemicals for Infection Prevention  May 30

    Mitigating Key Emergencies in Health Care  Mar 31


    Everything Chemical! Hazard Communication Program becoming Global Harmonization, Hazardous Drug Rule, Pharmaceutical Waste  Aug 30

    Contract Management and Vendor Oversight: Regulations and Management Oversight  May 31

    The Aging Workforce  March 29

    Patient Safety Initiative (PSI) FY 2013 Pilot Phase (PDF)
    PSI Pilot Hospital QAPI Worksheet (PDF)
    PSI Pilot Hospital Infection Control Worksheet (PDF)
    PSI Pilot Hospital Discharge Planning Worksheet (PDF)
    Foss Presentation (PPT)
    DOSH Update for Healthcare (PDF)
    Kathy Schmitt: Adverse Event Reporting (PPT)
    Chemical Sterilizers
    Event Flyer: Chemical Sterilizers (PPT)
    DOSH Formaldehyde Standard WAC 296-856 (PPT)
    HLD Waste Management Cytotoxic Waste Management Lab Waste Recycling (PPT)
    Summary of National Quality Forum's Changes (PDF)
    Indoor Air Quality
      Event Pictures:  1,  2
    Asbestos Awareness (PPT)
    Mold Decision Tree (PPT)
    Water and Mold (PDF)
    Indoor Air Quality Questionnaire (PDF)
    H1N1_Compliance Directive Webinar (PPT)
    Airborne Contaminants Presentation for Healthcare (PPT)
    Respirators: Use in the Hosptial (PPT)
    Workplace Violence Prevention: Practical Solutions to Difficult Events
    De-escalation/Workplace Violence (PPT)
    Workplace Violence Prevention for Rural Hospitals (PDF)
    Workplace Violence Plan Implementation Guide (PDF)
    Security Audit Tool (MS Word)
    Hazard Communications Emergency Response (PPT)
    Hospital Survey (PPT)
      Presented by Linda L. Foss, Executive Director, Clinical Care Facilities
    Programmed Inspections (PPT)
      Presented by John Furman, Occupational Nurse Consultant, Dept. Labor & Industries

    Occupational Exposure to Tuberculosis (PPT)
      Presented by John Furman, Division of Occupational Safety & Health
    WISHA'S Voluntary Protection Program (PPT)
      Presented by John Geppert, Division of Occupational Safety & Health