Upcoming Events


  • March 1: WSHSC Elaine Carty Performance Improvement Award and Lew Brown Memorial Safety Award Nominations Due
  • Friday, April 7 (Providence Teleconference)

Water Treatment and Management: The UW Story
Legionella Investigation
Managing Command during a major investigation
Interim hazardous drug/waste standards

  • Friday, July 28, 0830-1100 (Kaiser Permanente Teleconference)

New CMS Emergency Management Standards
Scott Aronson: Principal, Russell Phillips & Associates, LLC

  • Friday, September 29

Safety Speed Learning: UW Medicine - Valley Medical Center
Construction Risk Assessment and 2012 NFPA 101
Anesthetic and Chemical Monitoring
Hazardous Drug / Pharmaceutical Waste
Doing More with Less

  • Tuesday, October 31 (Kaiser Permanente Teleconference)

Safe Patient Handling and Ergonomics
Program Design, Motivation, and Correlation with Reduced Injuries
Lean Design


AWARD INFORMATION!! Also, nominations are being accepted for the 2016 Lew Brown Memorial Award and the Elaine Carty Performance Improvement Award. Please take 30 minutes to complete the attached documents to 1) brag and report on your successful EOC program and 2) recognize someone who has contributed toward healthcare safety. If you can’t complete either of these forms, then you need to attend our Washington State Healthcare Safety Council programs to increase your knowledge and networking! Start thinking about it now – the deadline is April 1, 2017. We know there are outstanding programs out there in need of recognition. The winner of the Lew Brown Award will receive a plaque and $100 cash award and is invited to become a member of the Board of the WSHSC. The winner of the Elaine Carty Award will receive a plaque and a $500 cash award. Submit a nomination and get the credit and possible award they deserve!